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How an appetite for more of the "sweet life" led to a new type of curated running experience...

If you participate in the running community, you quickly realize how many of us are brought together through our love of this sport. Races give us the opportunity to travel and visit new trails and meet new folks. Upon reflection, our founders realized that one of the best parts of any destination race experience was the downtime and exploring that happened as the bookends of the actual race. It was the casual dinner the day after the race where you didn’t have to worry as much about dialed-in fueling, or the new trail that everyone ran/hiked together, coffee time, and late afternoon golden hour shared. The best days of any destination race were the days we didn’t race, but the days we enjoyed the community, friendships, and destination itself. Don’t get us wrong… we love races and the goals they present, but we craved more of the “sweet life” and thus Threshold Expeditions began.

We want you to be challenged with the running each day, but we also want to hold space for your friend or partner who might not be as fast or want to go as far… we want you to be able to linger over coffee in the mornings or get lost in great conversations during the golden hour free of the pressures of getting to the starting line so early. When you find an inspiring view on the trail or a simple moment of profound connection with the beauty of nature… we want you to be able to pause and linger in that place. Many of us work full-time in demanding careers and when we take time off to travel we crave more than a race can provide.

How many of you have spent time googling hotels and “the best places to eat” to arrive at uninspiring options or all the best options full because of the “race draw crowd”? We find destinations that provide not only amazing trails but wonderful hotel properties and food experiences. Our guide team is exceptional and our group sizes are small enough that they can make a run longer if you are feeling great or wrap a run-up early if you just aren't into it that day. This is a new type of curated running experience that is growing for our community. If it is unfamiliar to you now, take a chance and join us. We promise you won’t be disappointed but will leave refreshed with your heart full.

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