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Red, Green or Christmas?

When visiting New Mexico if you plan on enjoying the local flavors, you’ll need to be able to decide this very important question. New Mexico is home to the famous Hatch Chile which has become popular in cuisine all over the Southwestern United States. The delightful chiles are grown in the Hatch Valley in and around Hatch, New Mexico. Each year the harvest is marked by the Hatch Chile Festival, which draws over 30,000 visitors to the region to celebrate this wonderful plant. If you haven’t enjoyed it yet, we can promise you are missing out! If you love the flavors as much as we do, you will soon be searching for the very best chile sauces on your own food adventures. We promise to take you out for the best when we are together this fall trail running in New Mexico!

The discovery:

Green chile is served roasted, peeled, whole, diced and is used in various sauces. You’ll find it a wonderful addition to enchiladas, Hatch Green Chili burgers, your morning eggs, and even pizza!

Red chile, which is the matured green chile, is typically dried and ground into a powder which is then turned into the red chile sauces. On a cold day you can’t beat Red Chile chicken enchiladas for dinner or even Chilaquiles Rojos to start the day…. And if you can’t decide, your meal becomes Christmas, which is a ½ Green Chile and ½ Red Chile.

In our travels… we continue to return to New Mexico over and over for the best flavors these delicious chiles offer. Here are a few of our favorite places and if you can’t wait to travel to NM, order some chiles from Zia Hatch Chile Company and create your own culinary masterpiece. Cheers to all the amazing flavors this great world offers us through travel!

La Choza in Santa Fe remains a local choice for Chile. It boasts many awards and we find ourselves returning year after year to dine in this local favorite. Be sure to make reservations in advance because they fill up fast or enjoy a margarita while you wait. The whole menu is delicious!

Tesuque Village Market, just outside of Santa Fe, is on our list for breakfast and brunch. The atmosphere offers a true local feel and the food is exceptional. We love the laid-back vibe and kind staff just as much as the delicious meals they serve.

The Pantry is another favorite. They’ve been making the best chile in New Mexico for over sixty years. Don’t miss this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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