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The Wonders of North Carolina

Run Art Lobe

Our trip curation team had a successful visit to North Carolina early this summer. We had so much fun even though much has changed with COVID. It was peaceful being out on the trails and nice seeing others from a distance enjoying everything that is so very good and healing about nature. We made a few trail edits to the routes for our Blue Ridge Mountain offering to maximize the fun and views. Our property partner, Pilot Cove, is a perfect place to return to for a relaxing evening surrounded by forest canopy and the chirping birds. We had many meaningful conversations out on the deck together about the coming months. Travel is certainly different, but we’ve found a path that provides a safe way to spend time together doing something we all love.

Did you know that the southern Appalachian Mountains are one of the most species-rich temperate forests in the world? The glaciers didn’t completely cover these mountains long ago on the geologic time scale. This provided a temperate refuge to many plants and animals which lead to tremendous diversity and concentration of endemic plants. The southern Appalachian Mountains hold more plant taxa than any other in North America. These ancient mountains hold many gifts, especially when we slow down long enough to see them.  We can’t wait to share all the delights of the Blue Ridge Mountains on our North Carolina trip.

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