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Wellbeing and Balance

We hope this email finds you healthy and safe. What have you been doing to support your wellbeing during these strange times? We miss the freedom of being able to safely spend time with friends, family and community. It will be interesting to see how our world continues to evolve and change during COVID-19. We’ve found it helpful to pause in moments of gratitude and love throughout the day.

Finding zen in the Montana mountains, Custer Gallatin, MO

In that time of pausing, even the most mundane becomes more vibrant. The everyday effort focusing on one step at a time seems to be helpful in maintaining balance. It has been refreshing to return to that lesson over and over again through running and training. On your next run, see how many different shades of green you notice. If you need some help staying motivated here is a great video Liza shared with her coaching group at Sharman Ultra. Check out the video here.

This summer COVID-19 has extended its reach and we must all continue to do our parts to protect each other and those we love. We’ve made the decision to reschedule all of our 2020 trips well into 2021. We miss traveling with you, but know that this is the best decision to support each other and the efforts of the public health community at this time.

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