Curated with Purpose


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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do,

and liking how you do it.






These trips will take you to your transformational edge on some of the most challenging and beautiful terrains with big full-day mileage efforts. The running and journey are the main focus of these trips so you can check off bucket list trails and adventures on your list. Accommodations will be a blend of luxury and casual to support point-to-point or loop courses. Expect to cover some distance on these trips with 20+ mile efforts per day. Our guide team for these trips are full-time running pros that have been inspirational in the trail running community for years. 2022 Offering Include: Telluride + Silverton, CO  (July) Pinhoti, AL (TBD)

Inspiration & Culture   




These adventures are for the traveler who wants to enjoy the best in running and the culture a place has to offer. Our days will be filled with good running efforts, visits to culturally significant places, the arts and destination restaurants. Our guide team will include running pros and cultural experts that bring depth and dimension to our time together. See individual trip details for a better idea of the places we plan to visit.  Expect a nice blend of fun, time to explore with the group or on your own, and inspiring daily runs. 6-15 miles per day. 2022 offerings include: Blue Ridge Mountains, NC (TBD)  |  Santa Fe, NM (Sept)





Are you curious about mindfulness and how running and time in nature can enhance your life? These trips focus on mindfulness, sunrises and star-filled nights, coupled with running efforts that make you work for it but leave you feeling vibrant and refreshed for good conversations and meaningful time together in beautiful destinations. We choose places and trails that are beautifully coupled with mindfulness practices, inspiring text and poetry, body awareness, yoga, meditations, pilgrim passports, and journaling to help you grow as a runner. Join our pilgrim guides as we open ourselves to place, adventure, conversations, and community. Expect to have a good effort on the trails each day that leaves you ready to enjoy the group and place the rest of the day. 6-15 mile efforts per day with luxury accommodations.  2022 offerings include: Big Bend, TX (Oct)

Justice & Action  




Use running as a vehicle for change and growth. On these journeys, we pick topics, places and opportunities for growth, kindness and action. Along the way, we might do an action event, work with a local activist group or learn from a destination's history. We want you to leave this trip feeling like you’ve contributed, learned and made a difference. Our guide team includes running pros with big hearts and inspiring passions and also community and issue experts to lead our hearts through service and learning. Expect to have a good effort running each day as well as time and space to serve others along the way. 6-15 mile efforts per day with a blend of casual, rustic or luxury accommodations. 2023 offerings: Selma-to-Montgomery, AL (Mar 2023)